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Herts Handling Training Ltd

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Herts Handling Training Ltd started in 1997, and trains over 8000 delegates a year, making us one of the biggest, as well as the most respected manual handling training providers in the country. We offer training for staff working in a social or health care setting, enabling them to assist people to move in a safer way.


Pat is a Registered Member of National Back Exchange

Worldwide guest conference speaker

Healthcare professional

Published author of Professional Standards & Guidelines


Comments from University of South Florida, College of Nursing "Hands-On" Practical Experience With The Newest Paediatric Patient Handling Equipment

Pat has the most genuinely pleasant persona you could ever come across. In a world where everyone is trying to prove themselves over their competitors, she is a breath of fresh air. Always helpful, even as a competitor, she views the concept of safe patient handling more important than business objectives. I have learned a lot from her approach.

Gavin Wright

Moving and Handling Instructors

Sling selection

The video clip to the left forms part of the Moving & Handling Instructors mini masterclasses production.

Pat feels very passionately about ensuring correct sling selection as can be seen in this clip.

All of Herts Handling trainers have the same zeal and enthusiasm for the subjects in which they teach.

Endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists